is harp a legitimate program

Coming to the conclusion that a program or company is a scam is a perfectly legitimate opinion, and bloggers should be free to express that without fear of retaliation from a company with deeper.

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HARP is one of two programs created by the government to help homeowners stay in their homes. (home affordable modification Program,

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Old payment $1300 and new $1500+. We sued and got $300. Today I have no home. HARP told us for three years we’d qualified and our new payment was $900. The government made a way for BOA to take my home and make money off us doing it. The HARP program had no rules for banks. Glad it’s ending

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HARP doesn’t lend money. Instead, the program works with lenders to offer harp loans. First, check with your current lender and see if it offers harp loans. (You can also go to and search for your lender.) As with any high-dollar purchase, talk to more than one lender and compare the terms for each.

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The HARP website says the program “targets borrowers with.. You can find a list of legitimate housing counseling agencies in your area using.

Now, because that sounds so great, many doubt HARP is legitimate or that it could work for them. While there are requirements you have to meet to qualify, many have misconceptions about HARP that are misguided or completely false. Here are two of the biggest misconceptions about this potentially money-saving program.

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