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Legendary Items: Soft Cap Removed, bad luck protection Beyond. – Blizzard has revealed that the legendary item soft cap has been removed a week ago, allowing bad luck protection to continue once players acquired more than four legendaries. This change wasn’t noticed by players sooner as many of the players at softcap were pushing progression in Trial of Valor.\r.

7.2 and Spec Specific Bad luck Protection – Battlenet: US – I’m having trouble finding a definitive answer to how spec specific "bad luck protection" (BLP) actually works past the first two legendaries per spec. Does it reset every time you get a legendary for any spec like it used to and you just have a much higher chance for your first 2 per spec, or.

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Spiritual Cleansing: Bad Luck and Jinx Removing | Luck Shop Tips – "Negative Energy, Bad Luck, Evil, and Jealousy is all around us, and at any given point you can be drawn into the Traps and Evils of; Spells, Jinx, Curse, Witchcraft and other forms of Evil. It is easy to blame our bad luck and misfortunes on the evil intent of others but what if the bad luck is coming from within?

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Speculation: How does the bad luck protection for legendaries. – Speculation: How does the bad luck protection for legendaries work?. hence my focus on why a tracker addon would be the best way for the community to calculate the probability by combining everyone’s aggregate data.. however, is what bad luck protection should be, and with each legendary.

"Bad Luck Protection" working as intended? – World of. – Your problem is you are thinking your luck is bad luck, when you don’t know the algorithm for what bad luck protection is. You also don’t know what GOOD luck is. You may just be having poor luck, and you’re comparing that to extremely AMAZING luck. Google the term, "Normal distribution curve".

how accurate is this legendary calc? – World of Warcraft Forums – RNG is still RNG and bad luck can (and will) happen to some people and only Blizzard knows exact drop rates and how (or if) their bad luck protection works. I wouldn’t take the calc too seriously, but now that I know about it I’m gonna bookmark it to see how far off their guess will go for the next legendaries I get 🙂

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