things to buy for the beach

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Ah, yes the sun is out, and it is once again that time of year to pack the kids, the cooler and grandma into the car and head to the beach. But as many of us often do, we get to our spot on the beach, unfold our towels, and quickly realize we forgot something back at the house.

A waterproof speaker and a portable safe are just a couple of staples to bring along.

10 Things You Might Forget to Bring to the Beach 1. Moo Cream. 2. Shell bags. 3. camera and Phone Accessories. 4. Deck of Cards. 5. Kid’s dvd. 6. tylenol (or fever reducer). 7. Ziploc Bags. 8. Sharpie Marker. 9. Bottle for Sand. 10. Flashlight.

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Beach trips can be a snap if you have a system and know what to bring whether it’s for day at the beach or part of a full-on beach vacation.. A big part of my What-to-Bring-to-the-Beach system is having all my beach things pre-packed so that when I decide to take the kids to the beach – we just load up the car and go.

Packing food for a picnic in the park is pretty easy. But when your picnic happens to be on the beach, there’s a new set of rules and a few more factors to consider before filling your basket or cooler. For starters, there’s the sand. It’s totally obvious, but no matter how hard you plan and how many precautions you take, it inevitably ends up everywhere.

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How to Prepare for a Beach Trip. A beach trip can be a ton of fun and very relaxing. A poorly planned trip, though, can turn into a pain-literally, if you forget to pack sunscreen. As fun as going to the beach can be, it does take some p.

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